Welcome fellow
mouth breathers

The biggest mouths on the blockchain, Mouth Breathers Rebirthed are 4,000 fish generated from over 120 traits.

TOTAL SUPPLY: 4,000 Mouth Breathers.
PRICE: 0.5 SOL each.

The Team



An avid fisherman turned artist, The Fishery got his start in the NFT space in April of 2021 by drawing 1/1 fish. He is also the creator of Emoshuns and Mouth Breathers.



ChickenJoe entered the NFT space in the fall of 2021. He has a BS in computer science and 2 years of professional experience as a software engineer. He joined the MB team in January of 2022 and is excited to contribute as the dev.


1) Launch

4,000 Mouth Breathers will be introduced to the Solana world at 0.5 SOL each on March 26th!.

2) Donations and Paybacks

500 SOL will be donated to water cleanup non-profit organizations. About 50 SOL will be used to payback OG minters (from the ETH launch in August of 2021) 3x their cost of mint.

3) Discord Games

Unbelievaboat is a discord bot that offers economy style gambling games to discord servers. This bot will be available to all owners post-launch so that they can start earning Fish. Limited raffles will be held for owners. Tickets will be purchased with Fish.

4) The Fishing Ponds

The Fishing Ponds will be the primary method used for giveaways. 500 SOL will fund prizes for the ponds. Owners can buy temporary access to these fishing ponds using Fish to cast out and try to catch these NFT prizes. Ponds will be tiered, meaning more valuable NFTs will be stocked in more expensive-to-access ponds.

5) Merch

A merch store will be opened using a print-to-order service. A variety of selections will be made available to include hats, hoodies, t-shirts, and fanny-packs.

What else?

Tentative ideas include metaverse land, fish tank NFTs, actual meet-ups, and SOL volume analysis tools. These ideas will be funded from secondary sales and from set-aside funds from mint profits.